Gaining your dogs attention


This might sound simple but it is a challenge. Your four footed companion’s nose, eyes and ears will be seeking out all sorts of activities that it believes to be more interesting than you. You need to be more interesting than what is happening around it.

Start by practicing at home without any distractions. With the dog sitting in the heel position have some food in your left hand; say your dog’s name. When it looks up at you instantly feed and praise. Slowly increase the time you require the dog to look at you before feeding and praising. Before even attempting to start walking add distractions i.e.: – TV, radio, kids, wife … you get the picture.

If at any time the dog looks away just start the process again. Handlers and dogs will progress at different stages so after you have successfully done the work at home seek out your instructor’s knowledge on the next step.

The collective knowledge of all our instructors and other resources that we are fortunate enough to have such as visiting judges is available to you our members. So speak to your instructors they have a wealth of knowledge to share with you our members.