Club Rules


This Code of Conduct clarifies the standard of behaviour that is required of members of the Ballaarat Dog Obedience Club Inc.

  • treat others with respect, courtesy, fairness and equity
  • respect the rights, dignity and worth of all members regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion
  • not harass, intimidate, bully, threaten (emotionally or physically), verbally abuse or publicly criticise other members
  • follow the relevant procedures if there are any issues or concerns of a training, administrative or personal nature.
  • carry out their duties in a professional, responsible, honest, conscientious and timely manner
  • carry out official directions and policies in a faithful, impartial and transparent manner
  • lead by example promoting the interests of dog training, in any discipline
  • be an ambassador for the club in particular and dog training in general
  • provide guidance to handlers and volunteers through positive role modelling and clear and respectful directions
  • not misuse authority or office for the advantage of oneself or other person


To fulfil our aim, the Ballaarat Dog Obedience Club Inc. (BDOC) collects personal information from members, applicants for membership and non-members participating in trials, exhibitions or competitions.


This includes, without limitation:

  • name, address and contact details
  • date of birth (for juniors)
  • dog details including breed, VCA registration details, previous history and vaccination evidence

Only authorised Membership Officers or BDOC Committee Members may collect this information on an “Application for Membership” or “Membership Renewal” or a trial/exhibition/competition entry form signed by the applicant or member.

Other information, such as details of incidents, may be required by our constitution and formal procedures, or by the VCA regulations.


Personal information will not be:

  • made available to any other organisation or person unless required by law
  • onsold as a data base of contacts

The Ballaarat Dog Obedience Club Inc may:

  • use personal information for statistical purposes
  • provide information to the VCA when required by VCA regulations

The ‘Register of Members” , as required by our constitution, is confidential.

Members may have access to their personal information, upon application in writing, provided that such access does not infringe on the privacy of other members or persons.


The Ballaarat Dog Obedience Club Inc. will take all reasonable steps to ensure information that is collected is accurate, complete, up to date, stored in a secure environment and accessed only by authorised personnel.

However, the accuracy of that information depends on the information provided to us. If notified that the information is not accurate or complete then we will take action to correct it as soon as practicable.


If you have any concerns regarding the way your personal information is being managed please discuss them with the President or Secretary.


  1. “we”, “us”, “our”, “BDOC” and “club” are references to the “Ballaarat Dog Obedience Club Inc.”
  2. VCA is the Victorian Canine Association Inc.
  3. “constitution” is the “Statement of Purposes, Rules and Bylaws of the Ballaarat Dog Obedience Club Inc.”, as amended.