About Agility


Agility involves the dog jumping over a variety of hurdles, weaving through upright poles, running across walks and finding a way through tunnels.

If you are looking for an alternative exercise to burn off excess energy in your dog, while at the same time enjoying some quality time together, then agility may be for you.

Agility training at BDOC is conducted in a safe environment at ovals opposite the clubrooms in Victoria Park on Sunday mornings.

  • Must be over 12 months of age
  • Must be able to work OFF LEAD (if you can’t catch ’em, you can’t train ’em)
  • Must COME when called
  • Must be NON-AGGRESSIVE. Your dog should not exhibit aggressiveness either towards other dogs or people
  • Must not be overweight
  • Have no health issues that would be irritated by doing agility (unsure, check with your vet)


Dogs that are successful at the testing will commence classes on the day, A flat collar and lots of soft treats will be required (no dry treats or kibble please),

Successful applicants must also be committed to the first 4 weeks of training starting on the 2nd May through to the 23rd May 2021.

It is a condition of agility training that you make yourself available to help set up equipment at 9.30am or to pack up at the conclusion of classes at 12.30pm.

Dogs that attend agility will also need to be crated during some parts of training. If you are unfamiliar with crating your dog feel free to ask on the testing day.